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Thread: Old ceramic 386-486-586

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    Old ceramic 386-486-586

    anybody with old ceramic processors they don't want i'd be happy to take them off your hands. i've decided to spice up my room so i want to get a whole bunch of processor die and make myself a new tile table lol sounds crazy and like a huge waste of time but i don't care it'll look ******. i don't care if it's fried or works fine it'll end up on the table top. i'll pay shipping via usps for them so if you have any just email me about what you have and how many and i'll pay you the amount it cost you to send them plus a lil extra for the trouble. i also wanna take microscopic pictures of the die to use as wallpaper in my closet lol. processor die look so cool.

    also anybody with some old pc 133 ram they'd be willing to sell me? preferably 128 meg and 256 meg chips seeing as i only have 3 slots.

    i can't garuntee all the 386's will make it into the table...i need a couple for some embedded hardware i'm desighning.

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    I currently have an auction going right now on ebay.com


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    Been thinking of doing something similar myself, was going to try to make some shadow boxes with the best variety of old cpu's I could get my hands on and possibly put one up for auction on ebay, see how its received. I think it would be pretty sweet myself, the first one I do is mine.

    Send me an EM and ill see if I cant get you a few for your project. Let me know how picky about variety you are, ive got a LOT of original pentiums.

    My father and I run a computer recycling business here in NC and anything we get thats under 133Mhz we just tear apart for scrap. I can probably get my hands on a few hundred old cpu's next time i journey up to headquarters. Wont be till the first of next week though.

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    i have some pc133 f/s in my forsale thread


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