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Thread: Intel D865PERL

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    Intel D865PERL

    I have this motherboard, and it seems like it's not possible to overclock the cpu with this board. I don't make to set the fsb higher. If you look on the picture here, you can see that the text is gray, and it's impossible to adjust the FSB. http://www.hardocp.com/images/articl...O4Vk_2_1_l.gif
    Do any of o you have experiences with this motherboard?? And is it really possible to overclock the cpu with this card???

    P.S. Sorry about my English

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    And please tell me how I do it, if you know...

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    you can't because of the reason that you have an Intel motherboard....these boards cannot be overclocked.

    well, you can try out some software based OC util/app like SoftFSB.....but seriously to tell you the truth on this new motherboards i doubt even SoftFSB would work, i think its development was stopped way back,if i am not mistaken here..
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    SoftFSB is dead.

    Intel boards are just not made to be overclocker friendly, period.

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