Hello there,

My friend has run into a problem. All of the sudden, out of the blue, he can't play Madden 2004 anymore.

In lieu of this, he has unistalled it several times and reinstalled it - full installation. Everytime he goes to play it, the little startup menu appears and when he clicks on PLAY, it goes away, (which is normal). However, the only thing that happens next is that a black screen flickers for a second and then goes away.

If he has the Task Manager open while he is doing this, "mainpapp.exe" will appear and then disapear when the screen flickers.

Any thoughts?

BTW, he has two CD-Rom drives and has tried putting the CD in both just to be safe.

His System:
Windows XP Professional
1.2 AMD Athlon
GeForce 400 MX (PCI)