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Thread: some ME's can't connect to XP, some can.. help!

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    some ME's can't connect to XP, some can.. help!

    I am having an odd problem suddenly..

    I have a LAN running..

    8PCs are running WinME 2 win98se's and 1 running XP.

    The XP machines can see all machines.. 4 of my ME machines can access all machines including the XP machine, the other MEs can access all but the XP.

    A week ago, all machines can access everything.. I just don't know what happend to these 4 ME machines..

    All settings are unchanged.

    BTW, i'm running a workgroup. all workgroup are named VIRTUAL, so there is no error there.

    all PCs connect through a Cable internet connection through the XP machine.. All PCs has internet, and I can ping the XP through all machines..

    My problem is, I want the MEs to access shared folders on the XP machine..

    Thanks guys.

    PS: I know there's a sticky related to this, but I just can't figure this one out. Sorry.. help.

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    Look in Network settings.

    Is the primary logon 'Client for Microsoft Networks'?

    Are you logging on to the ME machines with the same username and password as the XP machine?

    Is there a firewall being used on the XP machine? Have you added the "missing" ME machines to the trusted zone in the firewall config?

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    Win ME is basically set like Win98SE.

    Log to this page it has a lot of links to instructions to Windows Network Settings, and Sharing.

    Link to: Windows Network - Installing & Sharing.

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