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    Why does Disk Cleanup take so long?

    The Windows Disk Cleanup takes an unusually long amount of time to start. I have tried this on several computers including my own only to come up with the same results. Normally when I do Disk Cleanup, it would take so long that I would just cancel the operation. Last night, my brother wanted to see what would happen if we let it finish. After at least 10 minutes of waiting, it finally showed what we could clean up. 621MB of files could have been compressed! That's a hefty chunk. After compressing and defragmenting, we tried it again to see if it would still take that long to complete... and it did. I would like to know:

    1.) Why does it take so long?
    2.) Is there any way to speed it up?

    Thanks in advance!

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    1 reason may be ur temporary internet file setting is set to a large amount of disk space, my friends wife had hers set to 22,000 mb an clean up took 'bout an hour! If u have cable try setting this to some reasonable size, maybe 10 ~ 15 mb an clean it regularly. Most web pages are 12 kb "text" to 250 kb "w/thumb nail", graphic intence web site can be much larger.
    The Temp folder can file up with lots of garbage if u don't clean it out! Again, my friends wife temp folder had 3 gig of useless garbage in it!

    If u do a regular clean up of ur computer it wont take as long!!!

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    My temporary internet folder is set to hold up to 80 mb of garbage. I also do a computer clean up at least once a day. This consists of:

    1.) Internet clean-up (Clear history, Delete Cookies and Temp Files, including offline content)
    2.) Empty Recycle Bin
    3.) Spybot and Adaware clean up
    4.) Defragment
    And anything else that I can think of.

    The only time it takes so long is when you click Disk Cleanup in System Tools (or your harddrive properties, next to the pie graph of your harddrive). It says "Compress old files"... that is when it takes so long. Other than that, I have no problems.

    P.S. Mmmmm, pie!

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    If you have broadband Internet, I would set your temporary internet folder to hold 3 - 5 MB's, if not, 10 - 15 MB's at most.

    Uncheck "Compress old files" and "Catalog files for the Content Indexer". It will go faster than. Good luck!

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