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Thread: Which Video Codec Pack to install?

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    Which Video Codec Pack to install?

    Soon I'll be replacing all of my current video codecs to once and for all have a solid PC for playing videos. My system: TBird 1 Gig, 256 Megs DDR, 40 Gig HDD, Geforce2GTS Videocard, SB Live 5.1 soundcard, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows Media Player 9.

    Currently I have Nimo Codec Pack Build 7 (?) installed along with Divx Codex 5.05, Quicktime 6, and perhaps some remants of ACE Codec Pack. Can you recommend the very best video codec pack to install. I've heard of Kazaa Lite Codec Pack, Ace Mega Codec Pack, and Nimo. I just want to play downloaded Kazaa/IRC/eMule movies without a hitch.

    And if you have any idea, what the heck is the file "ffdshow.ax". Recenty I was unable to play XVid movies (The Animatrix) until i removed this file. Exactly what is its purpose?


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    First thing is if u want smooth video u have to use the windows media player 6.4 , it comes with ur win2000. Dont instal any thing higher. Also most of the codec packs have issues and u will give a lot of errors in windows, like for example if u install the nimo pack 8 and use the avi preview program in kazaa it will give u an error.

    The best setup u could have for playing videos is: Nimo lite pack + DivXG400 http://www.tac.ee/~prr/videoutils/ + divx simple codec pack, not adware supported and not pro.

    The XVID codec commes with the nimo lite pack, and if ur still missing something always install it separetly not in packs. And here u can find a lot of utilities http://www.doom9.org/

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