I'll let the image speak for itself:

A while back it was at 4.73v, then 4.65v and now 4.52v. This SL350 has been problematic in the past (ATX connector contact loosened, causing spontaneous reboots) and I'm getting some funny effects from this low 5v. First, the ATX connector is browning in some 5v contacts (due to higher amperage I believe) and the memory needs more conservative timings to operate reliably.

I've been considering wiring the P4 5v connector to three mosfets on the mobo. It's an 8KHA+... would the ones on the topside of the board be the correct candidates?

This PSU has no pots in it and no one I've asked knows how to artificially elevate the rails in it. Being on a transformed mains source may have something to do with it ( ), but I think ultimately this XP1800+ @ 2400+ is drawing too much power for this PSU and in the long run I'll need to replace it with a beefier model.