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Thread: geforce 4 mx440

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    geforce 4 mx440

    just woundering if anyone has a pny geforce 4 mx440 and has overclocked. and what kind of performance increase they see. and would you recomend i overclock my card. it doesnt come with a fan as standard will it be dangerous to overlcock with no fan? and where could i buy a good cheap graphics card fan? thanks
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    I haven't had any experience with PNY, but I recently saw an MSI GF4mx card with no fan. Running 3D mark 2001 get the heatsink *really* hot, so if you are going to give overclocking a go whack on a fan first.
    A simple 486/pentium cooling fan should be easily attachable either by screws or cable ties and will keep the card just that bit cooler to let you try overclocking it.

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