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Thread: 333Mhz FSB - "Worth It"?

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    musta cost you an arm and leg but i was planning on picking up some DDR400 today also i dunno if its good quality or not havent looked at it on the site they jus show the basic module w/out the heat spreaders but i jus think heat spreaders are heat trappers cause thermal tape doesnt really let heat pass through it it insteads absorbs itand expands maybe like 20% of the heat may get to the heat spreaders

    my two cents
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    512Mb DDR400 (Corsair)
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    Yeah, my RAM actually cost me almost as much as my mobo and CPU together

    CPU $95.00 (2400mhz for 95.00 is just )
    Mobo $125.00

    Both RAM sticks $186.00 ( You can get them for about $160.00/pair now.
    Epox 8RDA+
    XP2100 215fsb SYNC
    Corsair XMS 3200 5-2-2-2 (430mhz)
    BB ATI 9700pro(8X)
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