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    Cheap 3 year old midcase, drilled three holes, installed Antec smart fans, Enermax 430watt two fans
    AMD Athlon 2200xp 133fsb oc to 11.5x166= 1.909 BAD heatsink cooling but made a grade
    ASUS A7V8X deluxe with Final Bios
    512mb PC3200 400mhz
    Radion 9800xt no oc
    Maxtor 7200rpm 60gig 2mb cache , sad but true, going to raid0 with new drives soon
    Maxtor External 7200rpm 200gig 8mb cache firewire,usb2.0 the silver one, has 160gig of indecent material
    seems faster than my internal when on firewire
    Linksys wireless G

    I'm getting a new CPU and Mobo soon, just don't know which ones, I'm leaning twards P4,(800fsb sounds very nice)
    this is about 2 year old stuff exept video card and external drive and obvious,
    I bought at frys Fremont cali, was pricey at the time

    ?? Question GUYS ?? lets say I keep this 2200xp and want to buy the best water cooled system, how fast have you heard it go. but whats the point right, with 133fsb, midas well skip it over a pond.
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    not good enough, not nearly good enough Joe
    (Joe vs.the valcano)

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