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Thread: 3th HDD makes loaded?

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    3th HDD makes loaded?

    I was thinking about adding another HDD to my pc. But my bios only allows 4 systems on it. As far i got this:

    Seagate 20 Gig
    Seagate 40 Gig

    Now i want to add another 120 gig to it. I heard this is possible by inserting a PCI-IDE controller (Raid). So i can plug a ide cable into that and that connects to the new HDD.

    So my question is. How will windows see this? And how will my bios notice this.

    Is a HDD trough a PCI much slower then directly to the mainboard?



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    You will need a pci ata card. Dont need raid at all and you prob. wont use it. (need two identical size make model HDD's.) About $30.00 or a controler card. As for how it sees it. Same as scsi. It has its own bios. When you turn on pc it will see the controler card before post even. I have one here, ata100 promise card. They all work the same. As for slower. NO. The internal ide you have now (on mobo) uses the pci interface aswell its just onboard not a card. Kinda like agp built in video. Still agp interface just built into mobo. In the day, when I put HDD's in systems of old they all used pci controler cards. These also had the printer and seriel ports too most times. ANyhow all they did was put this contorler card on the mobo. But its still the same thing today. Legacy ****. Get the pci card and all will be fine.

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    P4G is right - pick up a Promise Ultra133 or Ultra100 card:


    Put all of your hard drives on it and leave the CD drives connected to the onboard controllers.

    Keep in mind that Win2K and WinXP must be booted up with the card plugged in and no drives attached before you can use the card. In other words, the drivers for the card must be loaded into Windows before you move the drives to the new controller. Just plug the card in, boot up, install the drivers and shut down for the drive switch. Use Cable Select and be sure to put your boot drive on IDE1.

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