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Thread: IBM Reveals Tag 'N Seek Technology

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    Which model series was your 60GB Deskstar? 75GXP, 60GXP or 120GXP? One of my 15GB 75GXPs died recently in my RAID array; since I had a 400BB supplemental drive, I just bought another 400BB and set up a new array; the remaining good 75GXP is my supplemental drive and the toasty 75GXP sits on my desk. Nice heavy paperweight.

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    Re: guys, wake up its only the 75GXP that crashed

    Originally posted by dosmastr
    I know the sting of dead drives, i have 2 IBM 75GXP's and i've RMAed them both 2X, one is about to go in for time #3. and while the tag the dead comment is a pretty good one. i have to let you all know, that only the 75GXP and some early 60GXP's had the problems that ibm is being sued for, the 120GXP was a totally solid drive, nothing against it on the reliability front.

    how many commands long is the queue? a full 256 like SCSI or (lol) just 2 or 4?

    how can they benchmark a drive like that without using a SCSI benchmark? wouldn't an IDE benchmark simply give it only 1 command at a time forcing it to function as a normal drive?
    what am i missing here?
    You are incorrect.

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