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Thread: Need help fast 4200 64 -4200 128 , 4400

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    Need help fast 4200 64 -4200 128 , 4400

    Hey I want to buy a video card tonight, I have been looking mostly at the 4200 series because it seems to be the best value.

    The 4200 64 mb has a memory bandwidth of 8 gigs/sec
    The 4200 128mb has a memory bandwidth of 7.2 gigs/sec

    The 4400 has a memory bandwitdth of 8.8 gigs / sec

    The 64 mb Ti4200 if i reading this correctly out proforms the 128mb version ?? Is this true??

    Question 1 : What is a better value?

    Question 2 : is what brand ?? PNY, Chinatech, Inno3D, Gainward, MSI, etc... ??

    Link to all specs:

    Please help me make a good choice. I have a mx400 Geforce 2 and im in pain.. /cry

    My system now is:

    P4 1.7 Ghz , with 256 RDRam PC800... A friend said something about because of the lack of memory in my system i may want to consider the 128 version ??

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    From what I've read the 64Mb card is the better option of the 2 4200's, it has faster memory chips and can therefore be overclocked further. Also, as the 4200 is based on the same core as the 4400 and 4600, it can be overclocked to 4400 speeds with no problem.
    Check out this link for a good deal on a PNY 4200 64Mb......

    Click here

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    The memory on the 128mb version is clocked at 222 (effectively 444 because of DDR), the memory on the 64mb version is clocked at 250 (effectively 500). You can get the 128mb version and set the memory clock speed to match the 64mb. But you can also push it higher, if you like. The access time is slower on the 128mb, though.

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    Save money/ performance go for the Geforce4 Ti4200 czu 8 out of 10 ppl will recommend this video card in here. Well consider the price.. the ti4200 was like $50+ less than the 4400 & $100+ less than the 4600.. so you do the math...

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