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    Not sure if this should be in this forum or not, but it is a 'technical' issue....

    Anyway, I am having problems with downloading a patch with Everquest. For some reason, everytime I attempt to download the file, EQGame.exe, the patcher hangs up on me and then freezes my computer. It will download any file that is not an .exe without a hitch.

    I had a problem for a few minutes with trying to download the testeverquest.exe, but somehow it finally ran.

    I've did like 4 virus scans, uninstalled EQ, reinstalled, made sure that on XP i have teh admin rights, posted to the technical help boards at everquest, yet, no one can figure it out:/

    What do you think it could be???

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    I had a similar problem with the EQ patcher. No matter how many times I'd try it'd always get stuck at the end of eqgame.exe.

    I re-installed heaps of times and it never worked. I got an updated version of the patcher from the official sony website and it downloaded everything without a hitch (version 21 or something). Like me, your problem may be with the patcher.

    Is it the original one that came with the game CD or is it one that you've downloaded from the sony website?

    - - I'd ask yourself whether its worth installing? I got a little sick of paying fees each month to not play a game. There was a big rash of server problems a couple of months back that I'm told was never fixed. When your time is limited, it sucks to screw around just trying to connect to their servers! - -

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    And it doesn't even look that good graphically and the gameplay is mostly either running around killing stuff repeatedly until you ding or die.
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