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Thread: TV out on SIS630

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    TV out on SIS630

    I'm having a problem with the TV output on my laptop (MITAC 7521plus). I can connect my TV to my notebook but it won't display it's image in color, only black and white. It doesn't matter wether I put my output to PAL or NTSC, in each case I don't get color. Also updating the driver didn't make any difference.

    Are there any programs which allow you to adjust TV output in any way? Or are there any alternatives?

    Thanks you in advance for answering (or trying to) my question, I appreciate it.

    P. Rimitive

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    I believe it might not be a problem with your Video Card in your Laptop

    but with the TV itself

    What TV did you connect it to?

    have you tried to connect it to another TV?

    and what to what you were connecting?

    S-Video out to S-Video in?

    Plain yellow video out, to Plain yellow video In?

    S-Video out to yellow video in?


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