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Thread: Norton System Works 2002 any good?

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    Norton System Works 2002 any good?

    I just picked up a copy at a thrift store in an unopened box for half a buck. Is this version any good. Is it as buggy as some of the other versions I have used in the past. Is the Roxio Goback any good? I hate loading buggy software.

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    wow!! REALLY?
    only 1/2 buck, that's well worth it

    yeah i use it all the time
    as we speak actually

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    GoBack works pretty well.

    Just a little fyi. if you get a virus, you should disable goback (and system restore for that matter) and then remove viruses. Klez, backdoor.autoupdr, etc. need special fixes to remove and you need to disable any system restore type features to really clean them out. I've had customers that couldn't figure out why they kept getting the same viruses. geez.

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