Hi everyone,

My sister purchased a new dell desktop with WinXP home edition a couple of months ago. After one month the computer did not start up and gave here an error on winnt/system32 corrupt. I informed her that the regisrty is messed up so all I did was used her Winxp cd and booted off the cd and selected to repair option during installation. Everything ok, until last week. Now she is telling me that WindowsXP is not loading again. She said the computer froze up and she turned it off manually. Then tried to reboot and got the same error about the system32 being corrupt. I then elected to do a clean reinstall and reinstalled WinXP again. She calls last night and GUESS WHAT, you guessed it WinXP not working again. I got another call from my sister-in-law who also purchased a dell WinXP home edition pc and -by the way I did not touch her computer-She is have the same problem. Windows not starting up.

So is WinXP home edition that prone to crash or are the Dell systems bad??

I'm thinking of installing Win2K pro on both of their machines. What do you guys/girls think???