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Thread: Whats the highest quality brand??

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    Originally posted by bushmaster
    How much can you spend? And what do you need it for.
    Price Range 1500-2500. More so the higher end

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    I dind't read all the posts but I almost bet that almost all of them said: "Don't buy it done, do it yourself". I totally agree with this statement, because a PC must be built to meet the user's work requirements and also his economical limitations. Low/Mid budget PCs that carry a "brand" always include some low performance/quality in their configuration so the final price gets lower; when it's not a poor graphics card, it's a tremendous lack of RAM (for example, P3@800MHZ with 64MB ) Anyway, I've learned that brands usually only pay off when it comes to consumer support (and sometimes not even this is good enough) as their equipment also fails...So, if you buy a high-end "brand" computer, you'll be paying around 40% more than you would for a spec built system...

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    Originally posted by ukulele

    I paid over $1400.00 for an 8088 Tandy laptop with 2 floppys, no harddrive and a wopping 640K ram. It was excellent quality compared to what is on the market today. Long live Tandy!!!
    oh, i forgot about the very first computer- green screen with one huge floppy 5.2something was it?

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