Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd give this a shot first before I take care of my mobo. Here is the deal...

I have had my current configuration since last fall, it cosists of:

Duron 750
256 Micron pc133
IBM Deskstar 40gb
Creative Live! 5.1
Hercules Prophet 4500 w/TV out
10/100 NIC
3com Winmodem
Windows XP (Current OS)

I had my mouse that is a logitech wheelemouse as a PS/2 connection and decided to take off the addapter to switch it to USB. When I looked at the back of my case, I noticed that I had forgotten to break off the tabs that cover the USB openings when I had installed everything in the case. The tabs bend inward so I proceeded to take out my PCI cards and unscrewed the mobo from the case. I moved my mobo to the right enough for me to get at and remove the tabs. I rescrewed the mobo down and put all the PCI cards back in their origional PCI slots (exact same slots they were removed from). Turned on my computer and saw my Kyro II H/W flash on screen like normal, get to the Award BIOS and bam,



Now when I saw that, I thought "Aww snap, that means I'm gonna have to get a new BIOS chip or get this one reprogrammed." For the heck of it, I tried the jumper to reset the BIOS, removed the battery, and tried flashing the BIOS to reinstate it. I didn't think it would work, and it didn't.

I'm gonna need the BIOS completly reprogrammed from scratch right? Or is there some other problem I'm overlooking? I would like to get this system back up and running because my archive unit (which I'm on now to do this) needs to stay that way, an archive unit