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    Rubycon Capacitors not Rubiyoon

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    Bad Caps(capacitors)...

    Bad Caps(capacitors)

    I have Sanyo and HM(M) Nichicon on a newer MOBO.
    Actual MOBO has Rubyoon and HM(M) Nichicon.
    Will replace my...
  3. as before EVGA-driver didnt work. could reinstall...

    as before EVGA-driver didnt work. could reinstall the "right" driver after reinstallation of chipsetdriver. it asked for display. thought that meant display-driver not videodriver. since nothing...
  4. Technical data of 512mb-version...

    Technical data of 512mb-version
    Geforce 6205 512 agp evga
    GeForce 6200 AGP (NV44a) without TurboCache

  5. 10001 Forgot to tell about the right latest...

    Forgot to tell about the right latest driver for winxp. it is known that the last working Nvidia Geforce 6200-driver for Winxp is 307.83. collegue confirmed.
    2. its a AGP-card from EVGA. see...
  6. Struggling with setting highest resolution on old SSE-PC with Nvidia Geforce 6200

    Must get 1080i-1080 x1920 on GA-7N400 Pro 2 which is an SSE-processor PC with Winxp. Samsung 27" LED-screen. S27-.C360H or S27c360HS/EN. Nvidia Geforce 6200. both 256 and 512 affected.

    Could be...
  7. Next attempt-Clonezilla-only 1:1-No Boot

    To clone 200gb to 1tb attached to Sata toPower over esata card i used Clonezilla. One version was able cloning 1:1. locale to locale. omn SSE-processor Ga-7N400 Pro2. new unprepaired drive used....
  8. read and follow

    Im am known to be precise but i am not the man who is precooking everything as recipy. in other words: you must collect data yourself. i gave hints where to find. i dont repeat what has been reported...
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    USB-Stick-Misteries-USB 2.0 and 3.0

    Since i had problems using my USB 2.0-stick on both Winxp and Win7-PCs the late TRAIN gave me a workaround of preparation with gparted which didnt help. When coming from Winxp on Win7 it constantly...
  10. Think what you like

    People with farsightedness understand my thread and try to answer where they see "?????".
    Would you ratheer like a world of people keeping their findings and questions for themself?There are still...
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